Monday, January 5, 2015

happy new year!

Holy cow. Time flies when you are having fun. Christmas and New Year's have come and gone. All over social media I see "2014 was _________________, I can't wait to spend 2015 doing _______."
I think it's really cool how a new year brings so much positivity and change and the chance to start over. Yeah yeah you can start over at any point in the year, but it's so fun to make some personal goals for the new year. 

The problem I have with writing goals is that they are often too vague. 

For example:

Goals for 2015
*lose weight
*be happier
*save money
*pray more
*stop comparing myself to others
*spend less time online
*read more

If I learned one thing during my time in college, it's that goals need to be SMART. 

So a better goal list would be:

*Get active for at least 30 minutes EVERY DAY. Start by doing the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 3.0
*Don't say yes out of a desire to please only brings more anxiety.
*STOP with the negative self-talk. I need to learn myself NOW. The muffin top, the stretch marks, the love handles, the double chin, the fair skin and freckles. God made me. I. AM. BEAUTIFUL.
*Save money by living with less, make as much from scratch as possible. Start with croutons, pizza sauce, and condiments.
*Save money by starting a garden
*Read the Bible each and everyday. Even if it's like 2 verses. I eat everyday. Even if I am busy. Because I have to eat. I would like to look at the Bible in the same way.
*To stop comparing myself to others, I need to limit my social media use. This means deleting the Facebook app from my phone so I am not constantly checking it and seeing what other people are up to. 

I feel good about this year. I am definitely nervous about it, but I just wouldn't be myself if I wasn't.

I didn't put a goal of blogging more this year because I am just going with the flow and writing when I feel compelled to write. I don't want to force myself to blog 3-4x a week if I don't have anything to say. 

I will leave you with this quote that has been the background on my phone for quite some time:


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