Monday, December 8, 2014

week one recap

So we survived our first real week. Yeah yeah our first actual week was the week of Thanksgiving, but we were too busy to have that feel like a real week as a SAHM.

And SURPRISE! It was not at all what I had expected. I was hoping for a squeaky clean house, gourmet healthy meals every single night, and more sleep.

I imagine this is a veteran SAHM's reaction to my "expectations"
In full disclosure--and in hopes of making other mommies feel better about themselves, here was my reality after one week on the job:

dirty bottles, dirty dishes, clutter, and soooooo much laundry

The whole expectation vs reality thing is really real. And it's awful. I imagined waking up every morning in a wonderful mood, spend some quiet time with God, do my chores, some crafting, and just smile every single moment. While some of this happens, some of it doesn't. I read a great article yesterday that made me feel less alone:

This is the best part of the whole article:
Let me point out one little detail here: Your baby is six months old. I know it FEELS like half a year should be enough time to adjust to such a profoundly huge life and schedule change, but…no. Six month olds are demanding, unpredictable and absolutely a full-time job in and of themselves. Yet the myth that SAHMomming will equal a spotless house and home-cooked meals, PLUS ample opportunities for Mom to write a novel in her “spare” time, or turn some other hobby into a successful business venture, remains pervasive and out there. And it’s driving us all crazy when we realize that most days, staying home with small babies and children actually means overflowing laundry hampers and trying to get out of our pajamas before our significant other gets home.

I need to give myself a break! Noah is six months old. I've only been a mom for six months. It's okay that I don't know what I am doing half all the time.

So now, the actual point of this blog post. Our week one recap!

Monday night we had something for dinner....but I cannot recall.

Tuesday night I had the pleasure of eating at my friend Elizabeth's house. She has the most adorable apartment. And really the best style of anyone I have ever met. We keep talking about going thrifting together. If you are reading this girl---let's make it happen! I want you to dress me. #nohomo

She slaved over the stove for hours making white chicken chili. And by "slaved over the stove", I mean she turned her crockpot on. Nonetheless it was delicious!

After dinner we went to hear Laverne Cox speak at our alumni's {alumni's? alumnus? I don't know the proper term...whatever}. Laverne was part of a Presidential Lecture Series at Wright State University. And we went to see her! For those of you who may not be familiar with Laverne Cox, she is a transgender actress on the Netflix original series, Orange is the New Black.

she was fabulous!
Wednesday was spent playing catch up on some chores and just hanging out...I know we did more but this "mommy brain" thing is obnoxious. {I vow to do better for next week's recap}.

Thursday was probably my favorite day. My best friend Amber got off work early so I went and picked her up and we hung out THE WHOLE DAY. She is amazing. She is the master planner of  bday parties and baby showers. She's also thoughtful. Once sent me flowers at work for no good reason! It was so wonderful being able to spend quality time with a friend who doesn't care if I wear pants or not. We watched too many episodes of the Kardashians and kept joking around about how relatable they were. OMG I dropped my $20k diamond earring in the ocean! #sorelatable. We are going to spend the summer in the Hamptons! #sorelatable.

We went to the grocery and got some things to have a taco night. It was really awesome.
Oh! And the new Serial was released. But I haven't listened to it yet. I will soon though!

Friday was incredibly lonely. Thursday nights have been dubbed "Mimi & Poppy's" night, so Noah stays at The Hubs' parents' home. So Friday morning there was no Noah waking me up, AND Tyler had to go on site to was the worst 3 hours ever. Seriously. I've said it once and I will say it again. I am an extrovert and get my energy from people. So this whole SAHM is a real challenge for my personality!

I picked Noah up from their shop {they have a family business in the mechanic world}, and made the incredibly long drive to another friend's home, Kendra. Kendra is pretty wonderful. I met her through a mommy group on Facebook. She is older than me, but you would never know. Her excitement for life and pretty looks make up for it. She has three kids, a 7 year old, almost 2 year old, and a 9 month old. She lives on a farm and I'm sooo jealous. The Hubs and I cannot wait for the day we can move out of suburbia and have our own cows, chickens, and pigs.

Friday night we had a surprise birthday party for my youngest sister Madison AKA Mason AKA Mini Me. We are basically the same person. Except she is prettier, funnier, and more stylish. Anytime I am sad, I know all I have to do is call her and she can put a smile on my face.

Saturday Noah and I went shopping with my sis-in-law, mom-in-law, her mom, and Tori.  We also got a picture with Santa.
yeah. Noah loooooves Santa.
Saturday night we went out with friends from work----and holy cow did I miss these lovely ladies and gents. After dinner we went to my sis-in-law's house to watch OSU annihilate Wisconsin.

Sunday Noah & I went to church, and then he went to a Christmas event at my stepdad's work while I rushed home to catch the College Football Playoff selection committee's final top 4.


Today is a new day and a new week, and I am going to try harder to not let my loneliness get the best of me. I actually had a panic attack last night...but it's probably because I missed a dose of medicine on Saturday night. #mommybrainstrikesagain

Thanks for following along,

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