Thursday, November 20, 2014


As my last day of work approaches...I am left feeling somewhat...empty. Many co-workers, colleagues, and students stop by my cubicle to say "congrats!" "you're going to love it!" "you already seem so much happier!" and things like that.

I don't know how to respond.

I am thrilled to spend my days with these two.

They are the crunchy peanut butter to my jelly. The mac to my cheese. I adore them.


I also adore the idea of becoming a career woman. pursuing my dreams of working in higher education, pursuing a master's degree, {which by the way would be free} and who the hell knows...maybe even a doctorate someday. That someday used to be a few years. Now it's looking more like fifty.

My youngest sister only added to the frustration and chaos of my decision by asking me a logical question, "Why?". Why leave a comfortable cube where I can enjoy my coffee hot instead of lukewarm, and in a quiet place uninterrupted by the screeches and sounds coming from a bouncing baby boy who wants to be held. Why walk away from a college degree that has now left me with $30k of debt. Why walk away from a wonderful team of people who I have spent 40 hour weeks with the last three years. It doesn't make sense.

She is right. It does not make any logical sense. We are happy....sort of. We are comfortable. Yeah we have some credit card debt, a mortgage, a car payment, and student loans. But with two incomes, life is not so bad. Why in the world would you leave it?

Well folks. That is the million dollar question. In a world where chasing money and materialism is typically priority numero uno--okay maybe not number one, but still, think about how many decisions we make based on money--it's hard to switch to a one-income family. 

I'm not becoming a SAHM {stay at home mom for those like my husband and myself who were unfamiliar with this abbreviation}because we are financially ready. Because we aren't. This is going to be a challenge that we are going to try out and see what happens. I'm a good cook, so I know we can save money by making everything from scratch. That part will be easy. Because now I will have a lot more time to meal plan and what not. I still need to find a way to save even more. But I'll talk more about how that will be done in a later post. 

I am leaving this comfortable life because of Noah Jaymes. He has changed me in ways that I will never fully comprehend. This peanut makes me want to follow my heart.

And it's not just about spending more time with him. 

Obviously that is a big factor that went into this decision, but also the fact that I will have more time period. I will be able to spend more time with my beautiful mother who I have only talked to on the phone the past couple of weeks. Be able to spend more time with my awesome mother-in-law, grandparents, friends, etc. I will be able to {fingers-crossed} SHOWER more than four three times a week. Yes I have been living off of dry shampoo for the past four months. There has been no work-life balance for me. Just work-and-life-sucking-the-life-outta-me.

But that's all over. I start my "new job" November 24th. 

Come along for the ride.


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