Tuesday, November 25, 2014

case of the mondays

^I am calling B.S.!

My first day of work with the little man was yesterday. It was pretty awesome. He didn't wake up until 8:45ish so I was able to share a cup of coffee with The Hubs. Oh and I was able to take a shower! This unfortunately has not been a common occurrence for me as a working mom. #dryshampoo

After Noah had breakfast {formula+brown rice cereal}, we played on his mat with a little red fox he adores, and then I jumped into the world of budgeting and couponing.  I had mentioned in a previous post that I was not becoming a SAHM {again, this is short for stay at home mom}, because we have the money. Because we don't. It isn't that we are comfortable enough as a one income family for me to quit. Because we aren't. That will absolutely be my biggest challenge. More on that later.

After couponing and creating a budget for the entire month of December, Noah took a nap and I cleaned the living room. It is obnoxious how messy it can get with an almost six month old. I should have taken a picture. He never cleans up after himself. Noah is almost halfway through his first year of life! Shouldn't he be feeding himself and picking up his toys by now?

By lunchtime I was thinking to myself....hmm this can't be that bad. I can be a SAHM easy peasy. Baby is fed and diaper bag is packed, I was clean and dolled up to go to the grocery store, had my coupons and list in hand. And then the unthinkable happened.....

                                                                               THE SWAGWAGON 

here she is in all her beauty #swag

This cannot be happening. I just quit my job. I don't have the f**k**g money to pay to get a car fixed. Why is this happening to me? Noah is already in the car, I have my list. I remembered the list! Do you know how many times I have left the house and forgotten the list and/or my wallet?! Ugh and we were supposed to get the grocery shopping done in time to make it to the chiropractor...What a nightmare. My entire day is ruined.

^That was my initial reaction. But after calling The Hubs and figuring out we may just need a new battery, the anxiety subsided. One of my sisters came and saved the day and regretfully happily drove me to four different grocery stores so I could save a buck. I was able to reschedule the chiro appointment for later this week so no worries there.

So overall it was okay. I did get pretty lonely at one point, but I hate being alone...so maybe some self-reflection won't be such a bad thing. 

Oh hey my boss is yelling for breakfast......

"DADA". That's all he says now. #jealous #thatconsonantiseasier


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